Anchoring Strategy

Up to 80% of a strategy never sees the light of day

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” An old phrase, but unfortunately one that is still applicable. In a world full of strategy development, this is perhaps now more true than ever before. One must then ask the question, what are these strategies worth? Especially if employees don’t take them on board, and individual players fail to understand their role, and/or refuse to follow the strategy.

We help to translate the analyses and insights a strategy provides, into creative and simple language, communicating clearly with your employees, and thereby engaging and galvanising them.
It’s often case that a lot of time and money is invested in the analysis and development of a strategy, with the true cost being that the communication of said strategy is neglected. So, when a costly strategy unexpectedly fails there is a good chance that the problem lies not in the strategy, but the communication thereof.

During development, we employ a variety of tools, all of which are based on your current situation. One of these is a strategic roadmap, collaboratively put together with a select team from your company. This A4 piece of paper not only includes both strategic and practical initiatives, but also clearly illustrates where we are going, and how we’re going to get there.

Once the framework is in place, we develop a creative universe bringing your strategy to life, making it presentable, personal and remarkable. We are not afraid to use elements that work on an emotional plane as this "gives meaning" facilitating the involvement of the individual. We are not interested in making a big splash; it’s the ripples that count. In other words, a strategy must take root in everyday life. This is where it all gets tricky, and the real work begins.

Glad is with you all the way. A cooperation involving as many of your resources as possible. Utilising your knowledge is vital for us to create success together; to create a strategy that is embraced, giving tangible bottom-line results.